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28.04.2011 13,000 Radolid high-performance protective caps for LNG Australia

A James Walker Rotabolt product story
Edited by the Engineeringtalk editorial team

Rotabolt has supplied more than 13,000 Radolid high-performance protective caps for bolts and studs to Foster Wheeler for an LNG plant that is being constructed in Western Australia.
The Radolid caps are being used to protect and extend the product life of a wide range of bolts and studs from 1.74in diameter up to 3.5in diameter.
The caps being used are the SW locking caps for hexagon bolts and nuts.
They are suitable for any bolting application offering protection from accidental damage and corrosion.
They feature a special clamping edge and sealing lip, making them easy to fit and providing cost-effective protection in hostile environments.
The caps offer almost total protection against corrosion, humidity and operational damage and can be used in a wide range of applications and environments.
They can provide protection in industries such as offshore, wind energy, engineering, processing, manufacturing and transport.
According to Rotabolt, the caps reduce maintenance costs and downtime and help to improve operational efficiencies.

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